Structural engineer with four years experiences in Oil and Gas Industry and academic environmentrelated with same industry, especially in civil and structural area. In most recent project experiences, Ideeply involved and in charged in finite element analysis using FE software of both ANSYS classic(Mechanical APDL) and ANSYS workbench for designing and analyzing various offshore structures. Inmy master study, I followed class of Offshore Pipeline Course lectured by Prof. Andrew Palmer whichgave me very good basic understanding about offshore pipeline with top grade result. Previous workingexperiences were started as civil design engineer at one of national EPC companies based in Jakarta forfirst one year after graduation from ITB. Interest in offshore sector has moved me to another EPCcompany which gave me tremendous exposure as structural engineer for directly involved in designingand executing offshore construction until end of 2008. Furthermore, pursuing higher education at NUS(Singapore) for offshore engineering had given me a lot of experiences and knowledge about offshoreindustry developing in the world. Experience in offshore discipline is continuing until now since I’ve beenjoining a research centre for one of the biggest oil rig fabricator in the world based in Singapore.



  1. yah begitulah kehidupan pelaut

  2. I am quite impressed by your decision and I find your papaer an excellent peice of work. Good work dude. Keep up the spirit and promote our Environment and renewable energy.

    Dr. Anjali Sandeep
    Sr. Environmental Scientist
    Mott MacDonald Ltd
    Oil, Gas and Pertochemicals Division

    • thanks for visiting and commenting my paper..Actually this paper was only one of assignments on my class when i was in NUS

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